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Application Platforms and Business Processes  
# Tuesday, August 07, 2012
The purpose of an application platform is, obviously, to support applications. But what is the purpose of applications? Most of the time, they exist to support business processes, the things that organizations do to fulfill their purpose. This means that application platforms are fundamental to the business--they're not just an IT concern.

In my experience, many IT leaders don't think of their application platforms in this context. I believe they should, though, and I've written a short white paper to help with this. Available here, it describes the two kinds of business processes that application platforms must support, structured and unstructured, and explains why focusing on unstructured processes probably has the most value today. The paper also tries to make clear why paying attention to your organization's application platform isn't just a matter of technical leadership--it's business leadership, too.

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Interesting point of view. I believe xRM Microsoft Platform + SharePoint + Azure are one of the best option to support structured and unstructured business proces

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