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How SaaS Changes an ISV's Business Model  
# Sunday, May 20, 2012
Many people think of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a change in technology. This is certainly true; creating and running a multi-tenant application that simultaneously services customers all around the world is quite different from creating an app that runs in each customer's data center. Yet as significant as these technical changes are, the business changes are even bigger. The SaaS business is enormously different from the business of on-premises software.

I've written a white paper, How SaaS Changes an ISV's Business Model: A Guide for ISV Leaders, that's meant to help people understand and navigate these differences. It's targeted at people who currently run an on-premises software business and are looking at joining the SaaS world, although it might be interesting to you even if you're already doing SaaS.

As SaaS gets more and more popular, everybody who works in software needs to understand at least the basics of this approach. This includes the technology basics, of course, but it also includes the fundamentals of the SaaS business. Ignoring this shift in our industry just isn't an option.

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