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Videos on Visual Studio 2010  
# Thursday, October 21, 2010
Software development is anything but simple, and the tools developers use also aren't simple. There are lots of problems to be solved and lots of tools to solve them with.

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 targets a whole bunch of these problems in one integrated tool set. (In fact, given the range of tasks it addresses, probably no other Microsoft product has as many competitors.) I wrote a Microsoft-sponsored introduction to VS 2010 earlier this year, and more recently, I recorded a series of videos based on that paper. If you're interested in VS 2010, and you'd rather watch than read, the videos are here:
  1. The Big Picture
  2. Team Foundation Server 2010
  3. Requirements and Architecture
  4. Development Fundamentals
  5. Testing
  6. Managing and Tracking a Project
  7. Adopting Visual Studio 2010

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