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Building SaaS Applications on Windows Azure  
# Saturday, November 10, 2012
For any software vendor entering the Software as a Service (SaaS) world, there are both business and technical issues to think through. I've written earlier about the business changes that SaaS brings--they're significant. More recently, I've written a paper on the technical concerns of building your first SaaS application. This paper is focused on building SaaS apps on Windows Azure, and it's certainly not meant to be exhaustive. Instead, my goal is to provide an introduction to the things an architect should think about before designing his or her first SaaS application. If this is you, the paper is available here.

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Hi, thanks. Oftentimes I am getting either info that is too specific - or that is too general to be applied in my own context. With your article I was able to get something out of it, so.... Thanks;-)


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