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Adopting a Common ALM Foundation: Why It Makes Sense in a Heterogeneous World  
# Thursday, September 22, 2011
Application lifecycle management (ALM) is a complicated thing, with lots of moving parts. An important part of that complexity grows out of the diversity of tools and technologies that organizations use for ALM. One way to make ALM less complicated is to simplify this diversity.

Yet there's no way to eliminate it entirely. Even in the same organization, different people use different tools for different purposes, a reality that will never go away.

Still, it's possible to make things better by standardizing on a common ALM foundation that's able to interact with the variety of tools that people want to use. Two visible examples of this common foundation are Microsoft Team Foundation Server, part of Visual Studio, and IBM Rational Team Concert.

I've written a short white paper that looks at this issue. The paper was sponsored by Microsoft, although it doesn't focus on any particular product. Instead, my goal is to help people understand how moving to a common ALM foundation can help make their organization's ALM process better.

Complexity is the bane of our profession. Technologies that help reduce that complexity are definitely a good thing.

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