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A Short Introduction to Cloud Platforms  
# Friday, August 15, 2008
Cloud platforms are an important topic. It’s a messy area, though, with lots of diverse services offered in various ways by several different vendors. To perhaps create a bit more clarity, I’ve written a short introduction to cloud platforms that tries to provide a general framework for thinking about the area.

The paper was sponsored by Microsoft, but it’s not Microsoft-specific. Instead, my goal is to look at the topic in a broad way, positioning offerings from Microsoft and other providers of cloud platform technologies in a non-partisan way. As always, comments are welcome.

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Good introduction! Covers all aspect of an application landscape.

Excellent overview! You mention that "support for business process management" is not common yet: that's very true, although I'd like to mention RunMyProcess (http://www.runmyprocess.com) as a complete offers of "BPM as a service" appear, and which is the company I created.

Available services range from process design to IT and SaaS integration, analysis and (soon) simulation, all on the cloud and with a pay per use model.

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