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Introducing System Center  
# Friday, March 23, 2007
Do people who create applications--developers, architects, and others--need to know anything about systems management? Traditionally, the answer has been no. Similarly, the people who keep everything running--IT administrators, operations staff, and the rest--are often oblivious to the technology of applications. While this split has held for quite a while, I'm becoming convinced that it's drawing to a close. The days when each camp could remain ignorant of the other's world are ending.

In the Microsoft environment, understanding systems management means understanding the System Center family of products. Microsoft has just published a white paper I've written to help do this. This paper, Introducing Microsoft System Center, is the first in a series I'm writing on this family of products. Even if you've mostly been interested in how software is created rather than how it's managed, I'd encourage you to consider broadening your horizons.

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