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Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation  
# Monday, September 18, 2006
The last of the series of papers I wrote for Microsoft on the .NET Framework 3.0 has finally been published: Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation.

I don't have much history in the GUI world--my career has been largely server-focused--so when Microsoft asked me to write about WPF as part of this series, I was willing but not especially excited. After writing the paper, though, I'm worried that I may have wasted much of my working life. This GUI stuff is really, really interesting, and the paper was fascinating to write. In a service-oriented world, one might also argue that the kind of client software WPF allows will get even more important. Whatever happens, it's clear that this new foundation for user interfaces will matter significantly to most people who write or use Windows software.

In other words, WPF is about to impact you and a few hundred million of your fellow human beings. Get ready.

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