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New Whitepapers: The Microsoft Data Platform  
# Thursday, March 17, 2016
After decades of dullness, data is back in vogue. As part of this, we're seeing an increasingly diverse set of data technologies available. Taken as a group, these technologies can be viewed as a platform for working with data.

I've written a set of three papers describing the Microsoft data platform today. Each paper covers the technologies for working with a specific kind of data--operational, analytical, or streaming--and each one is meant to be readable on its own. They're also meant to hang together as a group, which is why each one starts with the same big-picture diagram of this broad set of technologies. That diagram looks like this:
Each paper describes a particular column in this figure, and all three take a scenario-oriented view--they're not deep technology tutorials. The core audience is IT leaders, but I hope they're useful for anybody looking for a broad survey of what Microsoft offers today for working with data.

The papers, all sponsored by Microsoft, are available here:

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