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Azure Speaking Tour: US Dates  
# Sunday, September 13, 2009
I'm spending most of the next couple of months on a Microsoft-sponsored speaking tour focused on the Windows Azure platform. The US cities and dates are:
Many of the events are invitation-only (and I don't control the invite list). Not all of them are, however, so if you're interested in Azure, I hope to see you there.

During the first few weeks of October, I'll be speaking in Europe, Japan, and India. I'll post the cities and dates for these as soon as they're all firm.

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Great news. I hope it's Bangalore (Bengaluru) for India :).

Any chance of you coming to Australia? Not that far away from India :)

I am scheduled to visit Bangalore, but not Australia, I'm afraid. Perhaps I'll get to Sydney on a future trip.

Mr Chappell,

I am a big fan of your work and have read majority of your white papers and articles. Do you plan to spend one night at Dallas on Sep 28th after your presentation so that I can plan a dinner with you and some of the conference attendees? I know you are probably busy on Sep 28th, but I am willing to work with your schedule.

Michael Nguyen

David, I am still feeling the excrutiating pain of missing your presentation in Mountain View.

Will you or MS be posting a video or a copy of your presentaion? I will still have deep emotional scars but that would help.

Thank you for the great work you have done in promoting the Cloud in general and Azure specifically.

You have legitimized the platform and your insights have been invaluable in explaining the Cloud to the world.

I appreciate the kind words, Michael--thanks very much. The slides from the Mountain View presentation are available here.

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