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Keynote Videos from TechDays  
# Saturday, March 23, 2013
Earlier this month, I gave a couple of keynotes at Microsoft TechDays in The Hague. One is aimed at developers, and the second is meant primarily for IT infrastructure people. Videos of both have been posted, so here are descriptions and links for the two talks.

Building Modern Applications: A Perspective

Whether we like it or not, it’s becoming a devices and services world. Traditional applications still matter, of course, and they will for a long time to come. But new applications often have to support phones and tablets, and many can benefit from running their server logic in the public cloud. In this keynote presentation, David Chappell walks through the world of modern applications, focusing on three things: clients, including Windows 8; services, such as applications built on Windows Azure; and how the development process is changing to support this new world. The goal is to give you a broad perspective on what’s next in application development in the Windows world.
(The video begins with an introduction in Dutch by the Managing Director of Microsoft Holland. My part starts around 14:30.)

Private Cloud, Public Cloud: A Perspective

What is a private cloud? How is it different from a public cloud? And why should you care? In this keynote presentation, David Chappell gives a perspective on these questions. Using examples from Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Windows Azure, he explains the similar technology that underlies both cloud types. He also shows why the different benefits that private and public clouds provide will lead most organizations to use both of them. The goal is to provide a big-picture view of the changes that cloud computing is bringing to just about every datacenter.
(This video also begins with a Dutch introduction. I come on around 7:00.)

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