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Claims-Based Identity for Windows  
# Friday, April 15, 2011
The claims-based approach to identity keeps getting more popular. And as we all gain more experience, the technologies underlying this approach get better.

In the Microsoft world, for example, the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control service has become a fundamental part of the identity infrastructure. At the same time, an existing member of their technology family--CardSpace--has been dropped. (To me, Cardspace remains a good idea, one that might even re-appear at some point, but it doesn't solve an important problem that most people believe they have today.)

Reflecting these changes, I've written a new version of my identity overview white paper. Now called Claims-Based Identity for Windows: Technologies and Scenarios, this Microsoft-sponsored document provides a more up-to-date introduction to the topic. The goal of the paper, as always, is to help people understand and make better decisions about this important set of technologies.

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Great Paper! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, best existing overview on ABAC and the MS technologies behind it.

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