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Windows Azure and ISVs: A Guide for Decision Makers  
# Tuesday, July 14, 2009
New platforms, including Windows Azure, are successful only if people write applications for them. This implies that one of the most important audiences for Windows Azure--maybe the most important--is independent software vendors (ISVs). Just as ISVs have adapted to new platforms in the past, they now need to decide how to adapt to cloud platforms like Windows Azure.

To help them sort through the options, I've written a Microsoft-sponsored paper (available here) that's aimed at ISV decision makers. My goal in the paper is to explain how and why ISVs might use a cloud platform like Windows Azure, as well to illuminate some of the challenges.

Using the cloud certainly isn't appropriate for every app and every ISV. Still, ignoring this new platform style strikes me as potentially suicidal. There's no way to avoid coming to grips with this emerging world.

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Remember the Super Bowl UPS commercial where the startup group gathers around the monitor as their new product's web site is launched and within seconds tens of thousdands of items are purchased. Had they utilized an instantly scalable infrastructure with a datacenter in a cloud environment then instead of panicking, they could have high-fived and gone back to watch the second half knowing bills of materials were being synchronized as they watched. Failing to plan is truly planning to fail (or at best risky behavior).

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