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Virtualization for Windows: A Technology Overview  
# Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Virtualization is a big deal. Hardware virtualization, which is what most of us think of first, is having the biggest impact so far (as the recent VMware IPO makes clear). Yet there are also other important aspects of this idea. Presentation virtualization is widely used today, for example, while application virtualization may well become the default for distributing applications on Windows.

I've written an overview of Windows virtualization technology, available here, that provides a broad introduction to the entire area. Sponsored by Microsoft, the paper looks at technologies for hardware virtualization, presentation virtualization, and application virtualization. Especially when looked at from all three perspectives, it's clear that virtualization will have a huge impact on our world. Whatever your role, it's in your interest to understand what it's all about.

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Nice document. Before reading this document i was thinking that i know only hardware virtualization since i used VMWare and Virtual PC at work.
Well done again..

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