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On The Two David Chappells Problem  
# Thursday, January 08, 2004
What’s the probability of two people, both speakers and writers working in the same technology area, having the exact same name? If that name is “David Chappell”, the probability is exactly 1: it’s already happened.

The “other” David Chappell is Vice President and Chief Technology Evangelist for Sonic Software, a maker of integration software headquartered in the Boston area. Like me, Dave writes books—he’s co-author of Java Message Service (with my good friend Richard Monson-Haefel) and Java Web Services—and he speaks at various conferences. We’ve even spoken at the same event once or twice. Dave is a good guy, interesting to talk with and well worth listening to, and he’s also commented on our naming collision.

Here are some tips for telling us apart:
- Dave works more in the Java world, I work more in the .NET world.
- Dave lives on the East Coast, I live on the West Coast.
- Dave sometimes uses his middle initial ‘A’, while I never use a middle initial.
- People rarely call me “Dave”.

Dave and I have talked about writing a book together sometime. A friend of mine advised me to go ahead and do it, as long as I make sure my name appears first.

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